Are Looks Important When Swinging?

Someones appearance is only part of the equation when it comes to swinging. While many say looks aren’t important, on some level it is what attracts us to others. However with this said, swingers are typically much more open minded than others, and you may be surprised at what some of them are into.

Everyone Is Welcomed

With swingers, all people regardless of color and body type are accepted. Many people are afraid to become part of the swinging community because they have hang ups about their body. The truth is, people are looking for open and new experiences at swingers meets, not supermodels. You will find men and women of all shapes, from thin to very large, and all races and nationalities. Many people just enjoy the act of swinging and blond, brunette, fat, or thin doesn’t matter much in the long run.

What’s Important

If you maintain your appearance and keep yourself clean and presentable, you will find swingers that are interested. Grooming and clothing become more important than your size or shape. The most important thing you can take with you is an open minded attitude.

Taking The Pressure Away

If you are still nervous about going to your first swingers meet, try to use a few swingers sites to find other swingers in your area. They can help you understand the lifestyle and make you more comfortable. You can use forums online too if you don’t want to meet people in person right away. Most forums are free, and you can access basic features on swingers sites for little to no money as well.

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Regular Meets With The Same People Or Find New Ones?

A lot of people find themselves wondering if they should continue with regular meets with the same people of if they should find new ones. There are a lot of different ways that you can look at this. It all comes down to who you like and what it is that you are looking for.

Regular Meets

Regular meets can be really nice if you and the ones that you are meeting happen to click. If the chemistry is nice and you have a good time, then there is no reason why you should consider trying to go for other people. If you look forward to the meets because of this person or if you want to schedule more meets so that you can see them more, then this is definitely something that you should consider as a regular thing.

New Ones

You may like the person that you are currently meeting with but you may find yourself wondering what else is out there. A lot of different people will end up wanting to meet up with several different people so that they won’t be missing out on anybody. Whether you are more interested in keeping the new feeling going or if you just want to see what all if out there, meeting new people regularly can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Judgment Call

It all comes down to what makes you more comfortable. If you are with a regular person but find yourself wondering what else is out there, it may be time to move on.

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How Best To See If You Are Compatible With Matches

Finding potential matches is difficult enough on it’s own. But even after you agree to meet up with someone, the compatibility factor can become an issue. It would be great if you could get some of that out of the way before the first meeting. Fortunately, you can weed through people successfully before you waste time on meetings that won’t go anywhere.

Find Interests

Most people will list a few of their interests in their online profiles. This isn’t meant to be an all inclusive list, and will just highlight some of the important interests they have. If you share any of these, it can be a good building point. Many websites will allow you to narrow your searches by keyword, or by tagged interest. This could be a good way to find those who will have something in common with you.

Get The Basics Out Of The Way

When it comes to finding new relationships, many people have a list of ‘deal-breakers’. For some this could be drinking, smoking, or drug habits. For others it may be future wants, marriage status, or religion. Come up with your own list of things that you could never overcome, and get this out of the way early. If you run across a profile but they have something listed that is on the deal-breaker list, then you know you won’t be compatible and don’t have to waste time.  If none of these are listed in the profile, you can bring them up in messaging later. Avoid them in the initial message, but bring them up after a few messages have been exchanged.

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Can You Meet Swingers That Share The Same Fetishes?

As a swinger, you may find yourself wondering if you can meet swingers that share the same fetishes as you. This is something that can really end up being difficult to do depending on what your fetishes happen to be. A lot of the time, you will find that if you simply ask that it may be pretty easy to find people that are in to the same things as you fetish wise.


If you go online and put yourself on a swinger’s dating site in the Swingers Ads you will be able to let people know right off the bat what your fetishes are. This will help you to be able to find people that have an interest in what you like. When they know right off the bat what interests you sexually you will both have a much easier time in the bedroom.


Whenever you are at a swinger’s meeting, then it may be a good idea to just casually bring up the fetishes that you have. Try not to do this in the heat of the moment as it may turn some people off or make them uncomfortable if it is not what they are into. They may also think that this is something that you are springing on them. A casual environment is best.


A lot of swinger’s clubs will have specific nights for different fetishes. Make sure that you get yourself in with a swinger’s club and that you pay attention to what they have going on different nights of the week.

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Tips For Finding Local Swingers

Finding local swingers isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. Where you look and what you say will be important regardless of where you are. Here are some great tips that will help you find local swingers.

Tip 1 – Local Clubs

Finding swingers clubs in your area is a great way to find other local swingers. Most clubs have websites, and a lot of these sites have online communities for members. The forums will allow you to chat with other swingers in your area and potentially find people to hook up with. You can also go to singles events at the swingers clubs to meet other swingers. The singles events typically cost more, but would be a great way to find other locals to swing with.

Tip 2 – Set Up A Profile

Many swingers choose to keep their lifestyles much to themselves. For this reason many swingers will choose to swing outside their local community. This means you may have to try a little harder to find swingers locally. If you create an online profile on a swingers specific site you can find other locals, try a search by your area, for example if you live in Texas then try seraching for Texas Swingers. You may need to travel out side of your area with these people, but it will be easier to meet up with them and get to know them before you go to an event together. Keep your profile open and honest, and be clear about who you are and what you are looking for to achieve the best results.

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Are There A Lot Of Swingers In The US?

The short answer is yes, swinging is popular in the United States. While it remains more popular and acceptable in other countries, finding swingers in the US is not hard if you know where to look.

Actual Numbers

It’s difficult to get an accurate number for swingers in the US. Census records don’t ask this question, and many swingers are reluctant to come forward for surveys for fear of being outed as a swinger. There is still a stigma attached to the lifestyle. Some estimates are as high as 3 million, while others are much lower. The numbers are going to be higher in more metropolitan areas, but that’s just because the more people there are the more swingers there are bound to be.

Where To Find US Swingers

Finding swingers in the states is easy. While clubs aren’t as prevalent as they are in areas like Australia or the UK, most major cities have a few swingers clubs. Even some more rural areas will have events and meetings. Finding swingers in the US is actually simple. There are many websites set up for American swingers to meet one another without traveling. These are good places to meet others, get information about clubs in your area, and find out about local events. Many larger cities will host vacation style events as well. If a swinging vacation has ever appealed to you, the swingers sites can offer actual user reviews and cost information.

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