Are There A Lot Of Swingers In The US?

The short answer is yes, swinging is popular in the United States. While it remains more popular and acceptable in other countries, finding swingers in the US is not hard if you know where to look.

Actual Numbers

It’s difficult to get an accurate number for swingers in the US. Census records don’t ask this question, and many swingers are reluctant to come forward for surveys for fear of being outed as a swinger. There is still a stigma attached to the lifestyle. Some estimates are as high as 3 million, while others are much lower. The numbers are going to be higher in more metropolitan areas, but that’s just because the more people there are the more swingers there are bound to be.

Where To Find US Swingers

Finding swingers in the states is easy. While clubs aren’t as prevalent as they are in areas like Australia or the UK, most major cities have a few swingers clubs. Even some more rural areas will have events and meetings. Finding swingers in the US is actually simple. There are many websites set up for American swingers to meet one another without traveling. These are good places to meet others, get information about clubs in your area, and find out about local events. Many larger cities will host vacation style events as well. If a swinging vacation has ever appealed to you, the swingers sites can offer actual user reviews and cost information.

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