How Best To See If You Are Compatible With Matches

Finding potential matches is difficult enough on it’s own. But even after you agree to meet up with someone, the compatibility factor can become an issue. It would be great if you could get some of that out of the way before the first meeting. Fortunately, you can weed through people successfully before you waste time on meetings that won’t go anywhere.

Find Interests

Most people will list a few of their interests in their online profiles. This isn’t meant to be an all inclusive list, and will just highlight some of the important interests they have. If you share any of these, it can be a good building point. Many websites will allow you to narrow your searches by keyword, or by tagged interest. This could be a good way to find those who will have something in common with you.

Get The Basics Out Of The Way

When it comes to finding new relationships, many people have a list of ‘deal-breakers’. For some this could be drinking, smoking, or drug habits. For others it may be future wants, marriage status, or religion. Come up with your own list of things that you could never overcome, and get this out of the way early. If you run across a profile but they have something listed that is on the deal-breaker list, then you know you won’t be compatible and don’t have to waste time.  If none of these are listed in the profile, you can bring them up in messaging later. Avoid them in the initial message, but bring them up after a few messages have been exchanged.

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